Lumbago or Low back pain is any type of pain in the lumbar region of the cervical spine. Most of the causes are unspecific, associated with muscle fatigue or factors such as overweight. However, sometimes it can be a symptom of another disease.


Pain in the waist region usually appearing suddenly, which increases with movement and decreases with rest.

Sometimes the pain has no apparent cause, appears and evolves slowly and is accompanied by muscle weakness, cramps, tingling, stings and numbness in the waist and legs, which makes it difficult to walk and stand.

Most commonly, the discomfort decreases significantly when sitting or lying down.

Diagnosis and treatment

Lumbago or low back pain can be treated with pharmacological and conservative measures; if it is caused by an underlying disease (such as a herniated disc), this cause should be treated at the same time as the symptoms. For this reason, the clinical interview is indispensable, as well as imaging studies to determine the state of the spine and its internal components.

At the Centro de la Columna Vertebral we have a treatment based on the exclusive combination of medications applied intravenously. Its main function is to calm the pain, as well as to stimulate the regeneration of the damaged structures in the back and to relax the lumbar muscles.

The treatment is complemented by physical therapy, as well as the application of local infiltrations with various types of medication for the immediate control of the discomfort.

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