Cervical Sprain (whiplash syndrome)


Cervical Sprain (whiplash syndrome)

A cervical sprain or whiplash syndrome is the result of a combined extension and flexion injury to the soft tissues of the cervical spine. This causes the injury of ligaments and stretching of the muscles of the spine. This is due to the mechanisms of energy acceleration and deceleration that are transmitted to the neck.


  • Neck pain and stiffness, muscle weakness
  • Headache and backache.
  • Vertigo, in some cases

Some know it as a “muscular contraction” in the back or as muscle pains in the arms.

Diagnosis and treatment

Medical evaluation and exploration are essential to verify the origin and characteristics of the neck pain. This diagnosis can be complemented by imaging studies, such as an MRI, to rule out damage to the structures of the cervical spine.

At the Centro de la Columna Vertebral,recommended treatment includes: intravenous drug therapies, physical medicine and rehabilitation.

Unlike recommending only medicine or medicine for muscle pain, in our sports medicine area we make use of hot packs, ultrasound for back pain and spinal hygiene.

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