Cervicalgia appears as pain in the area of the cervical vertebrae, and is caused by accidents, bad movements, and bad posture or for genetic reasons. It can be acute or chronic depending on its duration. Most of the symptoms will subside with rest, but if they persist, you need to seek medical assessment.


Pain in the neck region, usually appearing suddenly, which increases with movement and subsides with rest. It is usually related to a blow, accident or whiplash suffered by the neck in the recent past.

Sometimes the pain has no apparent cause, appears and evolves slowly and is accompanied by cramps, muscle weakness, tingling, stinging and numbness in the neck or arms, headaches and dizziness that make sleeping difficult, as discomfort worsens when lying down.

Diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis should be performed by means of imaging studies, such as a tomography, as well as a clinical assessment by a physician.

At the Centro de la Columna Vertebral we offer our exclusive combination of medications applied intravenously, which have the primary function of relieving pain, as well as stimulating the regeneration and recalcification of the fractured vertebra (if applicable), thereby shortening the period of impairment.

For the most severe cases of pain and disability, we can complement our treatment with physical therapy as well as the application of local infiltrations with different types of medications for the immediate discomfort control.

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