CaNarrow Lumbar Canal (Mild to moderate degree)


Narrow Lumbar Canal (Mild to moderate degree)

The condition known as Narrow Lumbar Canal , consists of the decrease of the spinal canal at the bottom of the spine that produces pressure on the spinal cord. 1/3 is considered mild, 1/2 is moderate.

What are the symptoms

  • Pain
  • Tingling
  • Numbness
  • Lack of strength
  • Cramps

What are its causes?

Narrow lumbar canal is associated with genetic factors and degenerative diseases such as spondyloarthrosis. If detected in time, patients may recover their mobility and functionality almost entirely.

Treatment for narrow lumbar canal (mild to moderate)

the Centro de la Columna Vertebral, we treat narrow lumbar canal by applying an antineuritic treatment, regenerating root myelin, as well as the Ovando Sanders© formula. We complement this with physical therapy, rehabilitation with the McKenzie therapeutic program, massages, humid heat, electrical stimulation and ultrasound.

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