Narrow Lumbar Canal (Mild to moderate degree)

The condition known as Narrow Lumbar Canal implies a decrease of the spinal canal at the bottom of the spine, which produces pressure on the spinal cord. 1/3 is considered mild, ½ is moderate.


Cervicalgia is pain in the area of the cervical vertebrae caused by accidents, bad movements, and bad posture or for genetic reasons.

Chronic low back pain

Chronic low back pain is the presence of pain in the lower back area: from where the lungs begin to the buttocks.

Cervical Sprain (whiplash syndrome)

Cervical sprain or whiplash syndrome is the result of a combined extension and flexion injury to the soft tissues of the cervical spine.

Spondylolisthesis grade I and II

Spondylolisthesis is the sliding of one vertebra over another. It can cause pressure on the nerves of the spine, causing pain, usually in the lower back.

Yellow Ligament Hypertrophy

Yellow ligament hypertrophy is the increase in size, due to inflammation, of the elastic tissue that passes through the anterior side of the spinous process.


Low back pain is any type of pain in the lumbar region of the cervical spine. Most of the causes are unspecific, associated with muscle fatigue or factors such as overweight.