Coxarthrosis (Grade I and II)


Coxarthrosis (Grade I and II)

Coxarthrosis (Grade I and II) is the painful degenerative process of the hip joint, which is made up of the head of the femur, the acetabulum which is part of the iliac bone, and the cartilage between the two bones.


Pain at the hip level that can be reflected in the groin on the same side and run down the side of the thigh toward the knee.

There is pain and stiffness when starting to walk, especially in the morning. It is common to have a pronounced difficulty walking, standing, and even greater difficulty going up and down stairs. Sometimes there is a decrease in the volume of the affected hip muscle.

What is the treatment for Coxarthrosis (Grade I and II)?

At the Centro de la Columna Vertebral we can provide our exclusive combination of intravenously medications, which have the primary function of controlling pain, as well as reducing inflammation and stimulating the regeneration of affected bone and cartilage.

We can complement this treatment with physical therapy, as well as the application of both local and inter-articular infiltrations with different types of medications for immediate discomfort control, including oral chondroprotective dugs.

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