Neuromuscular Bandage

Centro de la columna Vertebral: August 31, 2015

Vendaje Neuromuscular

Neuromuscular Bandage

It is a therapeutic technique that uses elastic adherent bands, basing its effects on the stimulation of the skin and fascias

The aim is to activate the body's self-healing processes without altering mobility

It was developed in Asia (Korea, Japan) in the 1970s by Dr. Kenzo Kase (chiropractor).

It can be used in combination with other physical therapy methods or treatments.

1.Tape characteristics

• Ultra-lightweight material (cotton fibers).
• Mesh fabric, provides 140% bilinear elasticity.
• Thickness and weight similar to the skin, (acts as a second skin).
• PH of the epidermis.
• Hypoallergenic.
• Facilitates perspiration.
• It works 24 hours a day.
• Water-resistant.


• Circulatory: restores blood circulation and lymphatic evacuation, resolving the inflammatory process.
• Neuro-mechanical: causes activation or relaxation of the muscle.
• Analgesic: pain relief.

3. Effects

• Acceleration of metabolic processes.
• Regulation of muscle tone
• Movement reeducation
• Improves the mobility of the fascias..
• Improves proprioception.
• Improves joint stability.
• Corrects posture

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