A unique treatment in the world

Centro de la columna Vertebral: August 15, 2014


A unique treatment in the world

Those of us who have undergone any type of surgery know that the real inconvenience is not the hours the procedure lasts, but the previous and subsequent processes, which we rarely contemplate.

Studies, disabilities, side effects, painkillers, antibiotics and even recovery therapies are some of the episodes that we forget to contemplate before the ‘definitive solution’ that a surgery represents. Obviously — before taking a decision— many of these expenses are not considered either.

Speaking of spinal surgeries, the risks are greater since the main axis of our body is being treated and therefore recovery will be slower

The treatment that Dr. Eloy Ovando Sanders has implemented for 18 years at Centro de la Columna Vertebral has restored thousands of patients’ quality of life.

95% of the patients treated have obtained excellent results with this method, which does not require surgery and does not have side effects.

The patient does not require hospitalization and in many cases the treatment is concluded after a few months.

It is an integrated method for treating herniated discs which consists of the intravenous administration of a series of homeopathic medicines that reach the discs. Then paravertebral Ozone therapy is implemented in the area where the herniation is. Lastly, physical medicine or rehabilitation will be needed to make the muscles regain tone and stop being contracted.

In Dr. Eloy’s own words, as patients it is important to seek second opinions and less painful methods when treating a condition.

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