Non-surgical Treatment for cervical pain

Centro de la columna Vertebral: September 04, 2018

Tratamiento para cervicalgia sin cirugía

Non-Surgical Treatment for cervical pain

Learn about our treatment for non-surgical cervicalgia.. If diagnosed early, depending on the patient's general condition, a surgical procedure can be avoided, which can be very risky and ineffective. If you have this condition, do not hesitate to go to a medical professional immediately.

What is cervicalgia?

cervicalgia. . Chronic neck pain that can radiate to the shoulders and upper back is called. . It is due to damage to the cartilaginous tissues that cushion the 7 vertebrae that make up the section of the neck.

Some of the most common causes are: overload and natural wear and tear due to age, degenerative diseases affecting the intervertebral discs (such as osteoarthritis) as well as blows or accidents affecting the neck.


  • Chronic neck pain that can radiate to the shoulders and arms
  • Numbness and lack of mobility.
  • Constant dizziness.


The first part of the diagnosis consists of a clinical interview in which the specialized doctor will ask you about your family history, characteristics and location of the pain, as well as personal habits (since many times cervicalgia is associated with bad posture).

X-rays, CT scans and/or MRIs can be used for the doctor to more accurately observe the condition of the cervical and intervertebral discs. An electromyography may also be necessary, which serves to determine the electrical activity of the nerves and muscles in the affected area.

Non-Surgical Treatment for Cervical Pain

Surgery can be used to release pressure on the nerve reason that is causing the symptoms. However, it cannot reverse the aging and natural wear and tear of the intervertebral tissues and discs. For these reasons, at the CCV we implement a non-surgical treatment for cervicalgia that consists of three fundamental elements:

Physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Application of medicines in the intervertebral discs Ovando Sanders Method

Ozone therapy that improves the condition of the intervertebral tissues


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