Alternative treatment to spine surgery in Monterrey

Centro de la columna Vertebral: July 03, 2018

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Alternative treatment to spine surgery in Monterrey

. Are you looking for an alternative treatment to spine surgery in Monterrey? Here we will tell you how you can solve spinal problems: especially herniated discs, without exposing yourself to the risks of a surgical procedure.

In what cases is spinal surgery used?

The vast majority ofspinal surgeries are related to herniated discs, although it can also be used to correct structural problems in the bones and tissues that make up the spine.

On the other hand, surgery is used to relieve symptoms of diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis and stenosis..

What does non-surgical treatment consist of?

The alternative treatment to spinal surgery in Monterrey consists of a comprehensive approach to relieve pain, disc compression and regain strength in the back. This involves a specially designed physical therapy regimen, intravenous drug injections and ozone therapy to improve the oxygenation of the tissues involved.

How long can it last?

This treatment is planned in sessions. The physical therapy sessions range around 15; a similar number for the medications and in the case of the ozone therapy, 20 to 30 sessions may be required. It all depends on your general health, the severity of the herniated disc or the degenerative disease affecting you.


  • You avoid the risks of surgery and anesthesia.
  • You have a lower relapse rate than surgery.
  • It is completely safe and scientifically and medically-based.
  • You do not suffer disability.
  • You do not have to undergo a long recovery process.


Before proceeding with the treatment, you must go to an orthopedic doctor specialized in spinal conditions. Furthermore, you will need imaging studies to evaluate the condition of your spine. Only then can the doctor design a specific treatment for your case.

Alternative treatment to spine surgery in Monterrey

At the Centro de la Columna Vertebral we have an alternative non-surgical treatment in Monterrey. Do not hesitate to come to our specialist so they can evaluate your case.

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