What is TENS therapy and what is it used for?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: October 04, 2018

¿Qué es la terapia TENS y para qué se utiliza?

What is TENS therapy and what is it used for?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a therapy used to eliminate or decrease pain in muscle problems. Here we will tell you more about how this technique can be used in the treatment of back or spinal problems.

What is TENS therapy?

This therapy consists of administering an electric current through the skin by means of diodes placed on it. It has a double effect: it can work as a painkiller, blocking pain and as a nervous stimulator of the muscles, which accelerates their recovery.

How is it used?

A pair of diodes coming from a small electric energy emitter are placed in neuralgic points that the doctor considers. There are various types, powers and modulations, but they are all low power, so they are completely safe. The electrical energy travels through the skin to the peripheral nerves and muscles, so that it can achieve the expected effect.

When is it recommended?

It is mainly used as part of physical therapy or rehabilitation. In that sense, it can be useful in the treatment of muscular problems in the back, lumbago, herniated disc, spondylolisthesis, rheumatoid arthritis and practically any other condition that weakens the muscles around the spine or causes chronic pain.

Is there any risk?

In the hands of medical professionals, the use of TENS therapy does not have any health risks and, on the contrary, presents several benefits. It is important to perform this type of therapy in clean environments and with qualified personnel to avoid health risks, such as skin infections.

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AtCentro de la Columna Vertebral we use TENS therapy as part of the comprehensive treatment of conditions and diseases affecting the back or spine. Make an appointment with our orthopedic doctors, who will help you find the best solution for your particular case.

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