What is tendinitis and how does it affect the joints?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: December 27, 2018

que es tendinitis

What is tendinitis and how does it affect the joints?

Tendinitis is the inflammation of the tendons, the type of tissue that connects bones to muscles. It primarily affects people who play certain sports (such as tennis), but can also affect those who have diseases such as osteoarthritis.


The tendons transmit the necessary force to generate movement in the joints. It is a more fibrous and dense tissue than the rest of the muscles, but it can still be injured. When this tissue becomes inflamed,,it can cause severe pain and difficulty moving the affected joint.

Joints affected

The most commonly affected joints include the elbow, heel and knee, although tendinitis can occur in any other joint (wrist, fingers, neck, etc.).

Causes and risk factors

The greater the stress on a tendon, the greater the likelihood of suffering from tendinitis. For example, "tennis elbow" is tendonitis, which is due to the constant movement and hitting that takes place in this sport. Those who run or walk for long periods of time can also suffer from tendonitis in the heel.

On the other hand, people affected by rheumatoid arthritis can also experience tendonitis. In this case it is necessary to take care of both conditions in a comprehensive way to achieve improvement.

Diagnosis and treatment

A physical examination by a specialist is usually enough to diagnose tendinitis. However, imaging studies may be necessary to rule out (or confirm) associated diseases.

It is important that, at the first sign of symptoms, you apply ice to the affected area; rest can also lessen the pain. Medical treatment includes analgesics, injected if the case is severe. Long-term changes are needed, such as improving technique if the tendinitis is caused by sports.

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