What is the relation between neck pain and back pain?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: July 16, 2019

cual es la relacion entre el dolor de cuello y el dolor de espalda

What is the relation between neck pain and back pain?

Neck pain and back pain usually go hand in hand. We will tell you some of the common reasons why this happens. Remember that if you suffer from neck or back pain, you should be diagnosed and treated by a physician.

Neck and back

The neck and back share at least two anatomical structures: the spine and the upper back muscles. Regarding the spine the 7 cervical vertebrae , support the cranium and connect it to the rest of the spine.

Also, several muscles such as the trapezius and the sternocleidomastoid offer the neck mobility, support, and connection to shoulders and arms. This is why when someone suffers from neck pain, he or she might also feel pain in the upper back and shoulders, as well as numbness and cramps that can often expand to the arms and fingers.

There are nerves in the column that connects the brain with the extremities. When these nerves suffer from damage or pressure, they can cause a lot of pain. Muscles can get strains or injuries, which can also cause pain or inflammation in the affected area.

Common neck and back pain causes

  • Bad posture.
  • Aging.
  • Injuries or bruises.

Less common causes

  • Tumors and infections.
  • Congenital anomalies.

Diagnosis and treatment

In order to diagnose any neck-related health issue, the physician should always conduct a medical interview, a complete physical examination, and MRI studies. This way, the general health of the patient can be evaluated. The physician will also identify risk factors and determine the state of each part of the neck.

The treatment includes physiotherapy, medicine, and other different measures that could be diagnosed by the physician, but the treatment should always be comprehensive and multidisciplinary.

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