What happens if a herniated disc is left untreated?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: December 05, 2018

que pasa si no se trata una hernia de disco

What happens if a herniated disc is left untreated?

If a herniated disc is not treated in time there can be several consequences, some more serious than others, from alterations in sensitivity to complications with the function of leg and arm movement. Pay attention to the symptoms of this condition and visit a specialist if you suffer from chronic back pain.

Herniated disc

A herniated disc is the exit of a part of the pulpy nucleus of the intervertebral disc from the fibrous envelope, which can produce pressure on the nerves that pass through the spine. Natural wear and tear, overload caused by body weight or degenerative diseases can weaken the fibrous disc lining, causing it to "herniate”..

What happens if a herniated disc is left untreated?

It is possible that a disc herniation or protrusion appears suddenly, for example when making certain sudden movements, which produces a sudden and intense pain. It is possible that the pain subsides with rest, but this does not mean that the condition has disappeared.

. In this sense, it is important to seek medical attention for this problem, since the damage to the intervertebral discs will not heal by itself; on the contrary, it can grow in severity.

Most common complications involving a herniated disc

One of the most serious consequences of a herniated disc left untreated is the irreversible neurological deficit it causes, which can cause permanent weakness. Nerves run down the spine from the brain and carry the impulses or "commands" for the muscles to move.

If they are pinched, irritated or damaged, permanent muscle weakness and even difficulty carrying out daily activities, such as walking, lifting, combing your hair, brushing your teeth, etc., can occur.

Signs of a herniated disc beginning to cause complications:

  • “Radiated pain, meaning that it affects several parts of the body at the same time (such as legs and arms).
  • Progressive weakness, difficulty performing activities that were not difficult before.
  • Constant back pain.

Visit the CCV to receive a medical assessment

If you have symptoms of a herniated disc or have already had a treatment with no results, come to your nearest Centro de la Columna Vertebral. Our specialists will help you obtain a proper diagnosis and treatment for your needs.

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