What is lumbar stenosis?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: October 26, 2019

que es la estenosis lumbar

What is lumbar stenosis?

The Lumbar stenosis is the narrowing of the internal spaces of the spine, through which nerves that descend to the end of the spine circulate. It is mainly due to the aging of the structures that make up the spine, such as vertebrae and intervertebral discs.


According to the above, the main causes are related to aging: as we grow the bone of the vertebrae can harden, shortening the space where the nerves cross. Another cause can be spine arthritis, which is generated when the intervertebral discs lose water causing greater pressure in the joints of the spine.


TheStenosis can occur in the upper (neck) or lower back. Generally, it causes tingling and numbness in the extremities. It can also cause weakness in arms or legs, as well as balance problems when walking.

On the other hand, it also causes pain or cramps. Many people who have lumbar stenosis do not know they are suffering from it until it begins to cause symptoms, which increase in intensity as the conditions or causes increase.

Diagnosis and treatment

As we mentioned before, many people who suffer from lumbar stenosis do not know it until the symptoms appear. The safest way to diagnose this condition is by means of magnetic resonance imaging, which obtains images of the inside of the spine. Furthermore, neurological and medical history studies may be needed to rule out other types of conditions that cause similar symptoms.

In its early stages, stenosis can be treated withconservative methods, , such as physical therapy, medication and lumbar traction. In advanced stages of the disease, surgery may be necessary to release the pressure on the lumbar canal, so it is very important to address any symptoms of weakness, numbness or pain in the lower back or neck to avoid this procedure.

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