What exercises can I do if I have back pain?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: June 11, 2019

que ejercicio puedo hacer si tengo dolor de espalda

What exercises can I do if I have back pain?

There are several exercises you can do if you have back pain. Of course, it all depends on the intensity of the pain and your general physical condition. If you have chronic pain that prevents you from moving easily, you must visit a doctor immediately to receive the proper treatment

What exercises can I do if I have back pain?

1. Walk – jog

Walking and jogging are exercises that virtually anyone can do. Walking speeds up your heart rate from 20 minutes onwards, burning calories and getting your whole body moving. In addition, walking is excellent for decompressing pressure on the back, since body weight is redistributed; it also helps improve posture.

2. Swimming

Swimming is an exercise that strengthens back muscles and, in general, all those of the upper body. If you find it difficult to swim on a regular basis, aqua therapy or aqua fitness may be a better option for you. These consist of doing simple exercises designed to improve the condition of — particularly— the lower back.

3. Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that does not require sudden movements nor impacts the joints. It consists of keeping postures and stretching that can improve the strength of your muscles. Results have been proven in managing back pain and joint pain in general. In addition, it can be an aid in the treatment of depression associated with chronic health problems.

4. Isometric exercises

Isometric exercises are those in which a muscle is stretched and tensed with the aim of strengthening it. An external force can also be used, such as pushing or holding an object. These exercises are therapeutic and can be done even if you’re not recovering from a surgical procedure.

5. The elliptical

The elliptical is a device that you can find in many gyms. It has the advantage of not impacting the knees or the back (like running does). It has benefits such as: muscle strengthening, calorie burning and the releasing of endorphins. It can help with mild or moderate back pain.

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