Conditions that may be mistaken for a herniated disc

Centro de la columna Vertebral: April 23, 2019

padecimientos que pueden confundirse con hernia discal

Conditions that may be mistaken for a herniated disc

. There are several conditions that can be confused , with a herniated disc, including chronic diseases. The pathologies that affect the spine can have similar symptoms. For that reason, it is important to go to a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The symptoms of a herniated disc

Some of the symptoms of a herniated disk include: pain, numbness and weakness in the extremities. Although they vary in intensity and duration, the same symptoms can be found in a wide variety of conditions.

Conditions that may be mistaken for a herniated disc

The only way to establish an accurate diagnosis of the above-mentioned symptoms is with imaging studies, such as MRIs, and only a physician can make the interpretation of these results.


Osteophytes are abnormal bone formations that can appear in the spine. Depending on their location, they can press on the nerve roots contained in the intervertebral discs, causing pain.


Spondylolisthesis is the sliding of one vertebra over the other. This can cause the disc material to slip out of place (protrude) or the disc to be damaged, which can cause a herniated disc.


Radiculopathies are a group of disorders that affect the nerve roots, causing spasms, pain and eventually loss of sensitivity. They can affect both the spine and the extremities and are progressive; sometimes they are linked to the presence of a herniated disc but they can also be related to neurological problems and usually occur in patients diagnosed with poorly controlled diabetes mellitus.

Cysts - cancer

In any case they can cause symptoms similar to those of a hernia, although the cause of pressure on the nerves is not the same.

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Lili Zapata Sanchez
Comentario del, 18 de Julio 2019

padesco d dolor fuerte en mi columna me hice una resonancia y el diagnostico fue abonbamiento discal en tres vertebras fui con un neurocirujano miro el disco y dice q no tengo nada

Blanca Lilia Montelongo
Comentario del, 28 de Julio 2019

Tengo problemas de dolor al sentarme, el coxis me duele mucho. Que debo hacer, Existe alguna terapia?. Donde están ubicados ustedes?

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