The relation between disc herniation and emotions

Centro de la columna Vertebral: August 27, 2019

hernia de disco y emociones

The relation between disc herniation and emotions

There is a relation between disc herniation and emotions. All chronic pain-causing ailments generally have an emotional impact on patients and even on their relatives or close friends. Today, we will tell you a bit more about this important subject.

Emotional reactions to pain

According to some studies, a person suffering from chronic pain usually develops one of these 3 main emotional problems: depression, anxiety, or rage. These conditions can come together or separately, depending on the patient’s personality.

This situation can get worse if the causes of the patient’s pain are not addressed or if the pain does not diminish. Besides being health problems by themselves, these emotional responses can cause difficulties in the patient’s rehabilitation and capacity to recover.

The biopsychosocial approach

Studies on pain claim that it is important to understand it not only on a physiological level –the underlying ailments or diseases–, but also on a social one that takes into account support mechanisms, emotional resistance, and other factors that could help people overcome their pain, as well as the ailment or condition that is causing it.

This approach requires:

  • Support from the patient’s family.
  • Psychological therapy to deal with depression, anxiety, or rage.
  • Medical attention to the pain’s causes.

Emotions and disc herniation

One of the most common pain-inducing ailments in the general population is common or chronic back pain caused by a herniated disc. This can even hinder mobility, depending on certain characteristics such as location, which can in turn produce feelings of anger, impotence, and sadness. That is why it is important to receive immediate and integral medical attention, in order to avoid further physical or emotional trouble.

Disc herniation is a chronic health issue that can worsen if it is not addressed properly and on time. It requires a constant medical supervision to avoid any complications.

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