Is it possible to have a herniated disc after a fall?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: October 30, 2019

hernia de disco luego de caida

Is it possible to have a herniated disc after a fall?

If you've wonderedif you might have a herniated disc after a fall this information is for you. Remember to see a doctor if you suffer from back or hip pain after an accident. This way, you can prevent the pain from increasing and becoming a much more serious health problem.

Herniated Disc

A herniation is an alteration of the intervertebral disc (or discs) in which the contents of the disc can slip out of place, causing pressure on the nerves that are located in the spine, which results in pain. It is important to mention that the nucleus of the intervertebral disc can be out of place in different measures, causing different degrees of symptoms: from acute to chronic pain, a cramping sensation, tingling and even loss of mobility.

Is it possible to have a herniated disc after a fall?

Clinically, a herniated disc is considered a multi-factorial condition: with genetic, degenerative, biochemical, traumatic causes, etc. For this reason, it is considered that when a herniated disc occurs after an accident (falls, blows, etc.), this is the trigger, but not the only factor. In most of these cases, the damage to the disc was already present at the time of the trauma.

In short, yes, you can have a herniated disc after a fall even if it was not the only cause. This is why you need to have regular medical follow-up, especially after the age of 50, when the intervertebral discs begin to lose their elasticity and resistance.

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