Cervical disc herniation: non-surgical treatment in Monterrey

Centro de la columna Vertebral: July 31, 2018

Hernia de disco cervical: tratamiento en Monterrey sin cirugía

Cervical disc herniation: non-surgical treatment in Monterrey

At the Centro de la Columna Vertebral we have a non-surgical treatment for herniated cervical discs. Do not hesitate to consult our specialists if you are suffering from chronic or acute neck pain. We can help you solve your problem and avoid the risks of surgery.

What is a herniated cervical disc?

This occurs when the contents of the intervertebral discs partially come out of their natural position. This pulpy nucleus contains nerve endings, so it can produce acute or chronic pain and difficulty moving the neck. The pain can radiate to the shoulders and arms.

Why may it originate?

  • • Accidents (as a result of whiplash)..
  • • Bad posture.
  • • Natural deterioration due to age.
  • • Degenerative diseases.
  • • General muscular weakness.

What are the alternatives to surgery?

Surgery for this type of herniation may include removing, fusing or replacing the affected disc with prosthesis. It is a major procedure, requiring general anesthesia, an expert surgeon and a long recovery time.

However , there are alternative treatments to avoid this procedure, such as physical therapy, rehabilitation, muscle strengthening, as well as drug injections and ozone therapy.


The diagnosis of this type of hernia is given after the clinical interview, a neurological exploration and imaging studies. During the exploration, the doctor will verify the degree of sensitivity in points such as the neck, back and arms (including feet). This has the purpose of evaluating the causes of the pain and whether it is the result of a hernia or another condition.

Imaging studies can include MRIs or X-ray. With these studies, the doctor will be able to evaluate the degree of damage to the neck and the best course of treatment.

Cervical Hernia Treatment in Monterrey

Ourtreatment for cervical hernia in Monterrey is comprehensive, as it takes into account the physical rehabilitation of our patients and special medications. In this way it is possible to reduce inflammation, promote healing of cervical tissues and improve their oxygenation.

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