5 daily habits you must have to avoid back pain

Centro de la columna Vertebral: May 21, 2019

habitos cotidianos evitar dolor de espalda

5 daily habits you must have to avoid back pain

Know the 5 daily habits you must have to avoid back pain. There are many causes of back pain: chronic diseases, muscle problems, conditions such as herniated disc, among others. At the end of this post you will find more information about them. Remember to see a doctor if your back pain begins to affect your daily life.

Stretch constantly

If you spend a lot of time sitting while working, it's important that you stretch regularly, at least every 2 hours. Not only do you have to stretch your back, it is also important to stretch your legs, arms, shoulders, neck, etc. Remember that the spine is connected to our entire body.

Avoid being overweight

Being overweight is one of the main causes of back problems, as it increases the load that the spine and its components must bear. Also, being overweight can lead to other health problems like diabetes and heart problems.


Exercise will help you maintain a proper weight. In addition, you can strengthen the muscles and tissues that surround your back. By itself, this can greatly prevent problems that cause chronic back pain. Swimming and low-impact aerobics are great for this.

Don't risk your back

Carrying things without protection or without bending your legs; not maintaining good posture when walking or wearing inappropriate footwear are some of the things you should avoid in your day to day to maintain a healthy back. Always try to maintain a good distribution of weight on your body.

Go to a medical assessment

Finally, it is very important that you receive medical attention in case you experience any type of back pain. Many times the pain goes away in a few days and we stop paying attention to the symptoms. This is a serious mistake; only through a medical evaluation can we obtain a proper diagnosis and treatment of our back problem.

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“The information contained in this blog is of an informative nature; it seeks to promote good health habits in the population and by no means replaces medical consultation. Content reviewed and corrected by Dr. Armando Acevedo Mendez, orthopedics and traumatology specialist. Professional license: 602691.”

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