Is it true that cold increases joint pain?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: December 10, 2019

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Is it true that cold increases joint pain?

You surely have heard that cold increases pain in joints but this is not so, know a little more about the relationship between the drop in temperature and pain in the back, neck, wrists, hips, etc.

The belief

There is a very common belief that says joints hurt more when it is cold. Even while there is a relation, it is not causal, that is to say, cold is not the cause of increased pain.

There's another reason: when it is cold, we tend to do less activities; to stay still longer and to exercise less. This lack of mobility can cause numbness and decreased blood-lymphatic flow in the joints, which can lead to pain.

However, cold itself does not cause pain: in fact, alternating hot-cold therapies are part of the treatment of joint pain.

What ACTUALLY causes joint pain

The structure that joins two bones or a bone and a cartilage is called a joint. They are distributed along the entire locomotive system and according to their functionality, they are divided into three:

  • Great mobility: shoulder, knee, hip
  • Low mobility: vertebrae
  • Absent mobility: skull (neck)

Joint pain is caused by injuries, sprains, unusual overloads, virus infections and/or diseases such as arthritis, lupus, bursitis, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, septic arthritis and osteomyelitis.

In general, these injuries are the result of a natural degenerative process that is suffered after the age of 60; however, according to the IMSS obese people are more prone to injuries in joints after the age of 50 and it can even occur in children with obesity.

Orthopedic specialists recommend prevention with proper eating habits and exercises that keep the joints healthy and flexible.

Serious consequences

Knee, spine and hip are the most affected joints. On average, eight to ten joint surgeries are performed each day, most of them to place knee and hip prostheses; while four are registered to treat low back problems.

These data only correspond to those of the Endoprosthesis Service of the Hospital de Ortopedia of the IMMS (Mexican Social Security Institute); it does not register the data of private physicians or other institutions such as the ISSSTE (Institute for Social Security and Services for State Workers).

In order to avoid this, the doctors assure that there is no medicine or ointment that regenerates the cartilage and that you should visit specialists so that they can help you avoid the last consequences.

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