Sacral fatigue fractures

Centro de la columna Vertebral: January 20, 2016

Fracturas por fatiga del sacro

Sacral fatigue fractures

Sacral stress fractures are a rare cause of low back pain in athletes. Their prevalence is unknown, and although they are common in women, they have also been reported in men.

These fractures are almost exclusive to athletes who practice running, whether it is short distance track and field or marathon runners.

Their appearanceoften includes an insidious onset of low back pain or buttock, which develops over several weeks, with no history of trauma.

The findings to the exploration are paramedian lumbar and gluteal hypersensitivity.

Women should be asked about eating habits and frequency of menstruation, and request densitometry tests.

In positive cases of decreased mineral density, a failure fracture should be considered, rather than a fatigue fracture and treatment should focus on correcting the predisposing factors.

The MRI seems to be the study of choice for this pathology and treatment is always conservative, consisting of rest and avoiding loading efforts.. Activity is allowed to the extent of the individual's tolerance.

The prognosis is favorable, allowing the return to athletic activity in an average of 6 weeks. It should be considered, however, that most patients report mild or intermittent persistent pain.


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