How does physical therapy help in the treatment of back pain?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: September 25, 2018

¿Cómo ayuda la fisioterapia en el tratamiento del dolor de espalda?

How does physical therapy help in the treatment of back pain?

Physical therapy in the treatment of back pain can serve as a fundamental component or as an aid in treating illnesses and injuries. Either way, it is necessary to obtain a comprehensive treatment and an accurate diagnosis if you have back pain. Learn more about the role of physical therapy here.

Back pain

Back pain can have many different causes, each requiring specific attention. For example, a case of low back pain may require active compression, while in the treatment of diseases such as arthritis it will be used as an adjunct to improve flexibility and lessen the symptoms in affected patients. In the case of a herniated disc, physical therapy is a fundamental and unavoidable part of the treatment.

Remember that a proper diagnosis by a medical specialist is the first step in determining the appropriate treatment for back pain. At the end of this post you will find more information on this subject

Physical therapy in the treatment of back pain

According to the above, physical therapy in the treatment of back pain can play different roles and have different modalities. For example:

  • Therapeutic massages, which help with flexibility and mobility.
  • Heat and cold therapy: used if there is inflammation in the area.
  • Active compression: improves lymphatic drainage.
  • Inversion table: used to decrease the pressure on the spine temporarily.
  • Isometric exercises: increase the strength of the muscles that support the back.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Tens therapy (nerve stimulation).

Benefits of physical therapy

  • Improves recovery times
  • Restores strength and mobility.
  • Decreases pain and inflammation.

Comprehensive treatment at the CCV

Physical therapy can be the basis of back pain treatment or an adjunct At the Centro de la Columna Vertebral we are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of back diseases and injuries. Physical therapy and rehabilitation make up one of the focuses of our care.

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