What is physiotherapy for back problems?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: October 02, 2018

En qué consiste la fisioterapia para problemas de espalda

What is physiotherapy for back problems?

Physiotherapy for back problems involves various techniques, manuals and assists, to reduce pain, inflammation and restore strength to the muscles of the back. Here we are going to explain a little more about what it consists of and how it can help you in a treatment for various spinal conditions.

In what cases is it necessary?

Physiotherapy is necessary for basically any condition or illness that affects the back or spine. It can be the basis of treatment (as in the case of caring for older adults or muscular problems) or a complement (as in the case of treating a herniated disc).

Manual techniques

Manual techniques consist of massage, mobilization and tests that a physical therapist applies to a patient with his or her own hands.

Assisted Techniques

Assisted techniques involve the use of mobilizers, compression machines or cryotherapy, that is to say, any technique that a physical therapist uses without using his or her own hands.

Physical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation can be carried out through exercises and other activities, performed by the patient himself under the supervision and assistance of a therapist.

Nerve stimulation

Nerve stimulation can be done by ultrasound or TENS (nerve stimulation through the skin). Its objective is to restore mobility and functionality to the muscles of the body, in this case the back.


  • Decreases or eliminates pain.
  • Decreases or eliminates inflammation.
  • Restore strength and mobility.

Physiotherapy for back problems at the CCV

At theCentro de la Columna Vertebral we are experts in treating spine problems without surgery. We use physiotherapy for back problems as an integral part of our treatment. If you have a condition such as a herniated disc, lumbar spinal stenosis, or lumbago, do not hesitate to approach us for a proper diagnosis and effective treatment.


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