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Etymologically it means "crooked or deviated.Scoliosis is a lateral deviation of the columncharacterized by a curvature (to the right or left) in its path.

This can develop in any of the spine’s segments (lumbar, dorsal or cervical).

With idiopathic causes (unknown), scoliosis is attributed to congenital origin in most cases..

At a global level, it presents a high incidence which is reflected between 1 and 3% of the population.

During childhood and development scoliosis may have a variable course, even asymptomatic and the degree of curvature deviation is proportional to the degree of deformity and complications that may affect the patient's quality of life.

When scoliosis initially affects the patient's quality of life, muscle fatigue and/or chronic back or lumbar pain occur, prompting the patient to begin using medication for such discomfort.

Then, if the deformity of the curvature is accentuated, muscular atrophy and dissymmetry may occur with alterations to posture and gait..

In severe cases, scoliosis generates deformity of the thoracic cage, compromising even the pulmonary ventilator function.

The patient’s medical history, together with a thorough physical examination, completes the basis of the diagnosis.

Early detection of scoliosis allows for a conservative medical approach.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are indispensable, since the key is muscle strengthening and spinal hygiene as prevention.

In some cases, it is necessary to prescribe anti-inflammatory medication, analgesics or relaxants, in addition to reinforcing the stability of the spine with the use of a special corset.

In extreme cases, where the deformity has a significant impact on the patient's quality of life, or even when vital organs at the thoracic level are compromised, the surgical route would be the only alternative.

Most of the cases are not extreme; we recommend that you learn about our non-surgical treatment and to listen to the real possibilities of your case from any of our specialists,

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