What is the treatment for scoliosis?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: August 27, 2018

¿Cuál es el tratamiento para la escoliosis?

What is the treatment for scoliosis?

Treatment for scoliosis involves involves medication and physical therapy. In most cases, it does not require surgery, although it should be detected early (especially in children) to anticipate possible complications. Learn more about this spinal problem that mainly affects children under 13 by reading this post.


Scoliosis is the deviation of the spine to the sides. It mainly affects children under 13, especially girls. Between 1% and 3% of the population can suffer from it. It generates alterations when walking and to the posture, which can cause other long-term problems.


In most cases, the causes are unknown. It is attributed to genetic factors.


Scoliosis can be diagnosed in a routine exam, where the child will be asked to try to touch the tips of his or her feet. At that time, the curvature of the spine or other signs, such as one shoulder being higher than the other, etc., can be clearly seen.

Some complementary imaging studies can also be ordered. For example: chest x-ray, cervical or lumbar magnetic resonance imaging. It is very important to make a complete diagnosis to determine the best course of treatment.

Treatment for scoliosis

Most cases of scoliosis can be solved with conservative treatments, in very few cases major surgery is required (in which steel rods are placed to correct the spine). This treatment consists of the use of a brace, application of muscle relaxing medication and physical therapy to improve mobility.

Psychological support for parents and children can also be part of the plan, so that they can adapt and understand the situation they are going through.

Bring your children to the CCV

At the Centro de la Columna Vertebral we specialize in treating back conditions without surgery. Bring your children for a professional medical evaluation if you notice any abnormality in their gait or if you have already detected the deviation in their spine.

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