Why do I feel numbness in my lower back?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: December 03 ,2019

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Why do I feel numbness in my lower back?

If you have felt numbness in your lower back this information is for you. Numbness and pain are related, so it is possible that these symptoms occur together and have the same cause. Remember to go for a medical assessment in case you have either.

Numbness in lower back

Numbness in the lower back is accompanied by pain, which can be acute or chronic (when it lasts several weeks). This numbness can be limited to the lower back (below the lungs to the buttocks) and can even affect the legs. Tingling may also occur.


The causes of back pain and numbness in this area of the body are multiple and can only be properly identified with the help of health professionals. Generally speaking, they are divided in three:

  • ● Mechanical causes: hits, sprains, muscle strains, overloading, fatigue etc.
  • ● Affections to the spine: disc herniation, narrowing of the lumbar canal, formation of osteocytes in the spine, crushing of vertebrae, etc.
  • ● Other causes: infections in the spine, tumors, neurological problems in general.

It is important to mention that to determine the exact causes of any type of back pain it is necessary to see a doctor, as well as to obtain imaging studies (such as magnetic resonance imaging).


Treatment of lower back pain, especially if it does not go down after rest, requires a comprehensive approach based on medication, weight control and physical therapy. It is important to obtain a proper diagnosis in order to avoid surgery, which can be complicated.

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