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What is Electrotherapy?

It consists of the application of electromagnetic energy to the organism, in order to produce biological and physiological reactions in different tissues when they are subjected to disease or metabolic alterations.

What effect does Electrotherapy have on the body?

  • Thermal

  • Analgesic

  • Improvement of trophism (development, nutrition and maintenance of tissues)

  • Neuro-muscular enhancement

In what processes is Electrotherapy applied?

  • Painful scenarios

  • Musculoskeletal and nerve inflammation

  • Muscle weakness

  • Muscle injuries and paralysis

Electrotherapy is an efficient treatment used around the world for pain relief, muscle strengthening, the insertion of medicinal substances (iontophoresis), accelerating the healing of wounds, ulcers, etc.

What are the contraindications for Electrotherapy?

  • Skin hypersensitivity (burns, etc.).

  • Presence of a pacemaker

  • Acute thrombophlebitis

  • Recent bruises or injuries

  • Cranial region in epileptics

  • Oncological processes

  • Endoprosthesis-osteosynthesis

  • Decompensated chronic diseases

  • Acute febrile processes

  • End-stage pathologies

  • Pregnant Women

  • Anesthetic skin areas

  • Mental illness

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