Duración del tratamiento

Centro de la columna Vertebral: September 22, 2014


Treatment duration

Ovando Sanders treatment represents the alternative for herniated disc that many are looking for.

The reality is that most patients do not know in detail their health status and this is essential for optimal results.

One of the most common questions about our treatment is the duration. To answer this, an assessment by our specialists must be done (to have the complete patient’s overview).

The variables that must be considered and which we can only discover during an evaluation are:

  • • Number of hernias
  • • Determine whether it is a herniation or a protrusion
  • • Patient’s age
  • • Overweight
  • • Diabetes
  • • Anterolisthesis (forward deviation of the vertebra)
  • • Posterolisthesis (backward deviation of the vertebra)
  • • Other medical conditions

You can see the results of our treatment in the Evidence. tab on this website.

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