Dolor muscular de espalda: causas y síntomas

Centro de la columna Vertebral: September 24, 2019

dolor muscular de espalda causas y sintomas

Back muscle pain: causes and symptoms

The most common causes of muscle pain in the back include: an overload, an injury, trauma, a sprain or a muscle strain. However, tension and stress are also factors that cause the condition.

What part is hurting?

Muscle pain usually involves more than one muscle in the back and involves ligaments, tendons and the fascia.

The column is composed of 33 vertebrae, which in turn have a series of ligament reinforcements. The fascia is the soft tissue that connects muscles, bones, and organs.

As for its muscles, the back can be divided into two parts:

  • . Posterior thoracic area: they are arranged in three planes and the most affected are usually the trapezium, rhomboid, dorsal and spinal muscles in charge of keeping the head straight and the erect position..
  • Lumbar area: it is the part under the thorax, and it is linked to the lumbar spine.

Why it hurts

Bad posture affects the muscles of the back, especially those in the thoracic area. A bad warm-up during exercise or making the wrong movements during a workout are included as common causes.

On the other hand, trapezium pain manifests itself in people who spend a lot of time looking straight ahead because the joints of the cervical vertebrae bear too much pressure. This place is also the one that accumulates more stress and therefore is prone to contractures.

When pain occurs in the center of the back, it manifests itself as throbbing, especially in people who spend many hours sitting and/or in front of a computer.

Low back pain also depends on posture; a curved back and spending too much time seated cause the body to be in a wrong position. Also, it manifests itself in people who carry very heavy objects.

Most of the time, the pain is mechanical and is resolved with exercise, but if it does not and, on the contrary, increases gradually you should go to a specialist. Other symptoms that constitute reason to contact a specialist include:

  • The persisting for more than three days.
  • It is intense and inexplicable.
  • There is swelling or redness.
  • Circulation is poor.

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