Back Pain as a Challenge for the Health System

Centro de la columna Vertebral: April, 9, 2019

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Back Pain as a Challenge for the Health System

Back pain is one of the biggest challenges for private as well as for public health systems. Mexican population and the world’s population in general have increased their life expectancy, and this is due mainly to the health sector’s progress.

This lifespan increase means that the general population now suffers from so-called degenerative diseases, which are linked to aging and lifestyle.

TheNational Geriatrics Institute has concluded that elders (people older than 60) are increasingly losing years of healthy life mainly to diabetes mellitus. Secondly, to other heart diseases, and then, to neck and low back pain.

In that sense, bad life quality in people older than 60 derives primarily from chronic diseases that develop as time passes.

Back pain and the health system’s challenges

A study made in Spain showed that up to 60% of the most aggressive back pain treatments, such as back surgery, have cost the country 75 million euros.

Dr. Francisco Kovacs, head of the Spanish Back Pain Research Network (REIDE), highlights the fact that back pain treatment “should not be delayed” and that the patient must be “guaranteed a live-improving assistance”.

Back pain hinders daily activities, which results in temporary disability than can affect a person’s work-life.

It is known that up to 39% of intense back pain cases absent from work, compared to a 3.3% of people who does not suffer from it.

Public system: insufficient

Mexican health system is not prepared to assist this type of diseases, and if it does, radical treatments are prioritized, which could lead to long-term side effects presenting even worse symptoms.

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