Causes of upper back and shoulder pain

Centro de la columna Vertebral: November 06, 2018

dolor de espalda alta y hombros

Causas del dolor de espalda alta y hombros

The causes of upper back and shoulder pain can be muscular, nerve impingement or degenerative diseases. It is a less common condition than low back pain, although it requires professional attention to avoid complications that put mobility at risk.

The back and shoulders

There are three natural curves in the spine: cervical, thoracic and lumbar (upper, middle and lower back). The middle part usually has less movement and load, so it rarely causes pain. The superior or cervical part is exposed to accidents, blows and other problems. On occasion, the shoulders can be affected for the reasons we will explain below.

Causes of upper back and shoulder pain

Muscle overload or accidents

A common accident can be a minor car accident (whiplash syndrome) that affects the neck vertebrae. Performing physical activities with poor technique or without warming up can also cause muscle overload. The pain can radiate towards the shoulders, because the nerves responsible for carrying the electrical signals from the brain to the extremities are pressed.

Cervical stenosis

. It consists of the narrowing of the spinal canal, which can cause numbness and pain in the neck, shoulders and even arms.

Herniated disc

Cervical hernias are rare but can occur. They consist of an intervertebral disc, which is responsible for cushioning the bones of the spine, which slips totally or partially out of place. It can cause acute pain and arise in certain movements (such as turning the neck)


Arthritis can also affect the neck and shoulder joints. This disease autoimmune disease causes the wearing away of the tissues that protect the bones, such as cartilage and the synovial membrane. It is characterized by inflammation.

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