Causes of upper back and neck pain

Centro de la columna Vertebral: December 20, 2018

dolor de espalda alta y cuello causas

Causes of upper back and neck pain

Learn about the causes of upper back and neck pain.. In most cases, these are minor ailments that can be treated conservatively. However, there are other scenarios in which neck pain may indicate something more serious, so it should be treated as soon as possible.

Upper back and neck pain

In this area of the body we have various muscles and tissues that support the bones of the spine. Furthermore, there are nerve endings that come from the brain to the rest of the spinal cord. Muscles such as the long neck muscle or the sternocleidomastoid connect the skull to other bones in the upper body, so any pain in this part can manifest itself in the neck, as well as in the back and shoulders.

Stress and bad posture

Stress and bad posture can cause muscular tension, which not only causes pain, but also temporary rigidity. If the symptoms persist for more than a few days, it may be another condition.

Whiplash Syndrome

This injury occurs when the neck moves quickly from its position, in an accident for example; it is called "whiplash" because the neck goes from back to front quickly.

Herniated disc

A herniated disc puts pressure on and irritates the nerves. It is characterized by chronic pain, numbness, weakness (in the arm or legs, depending on the area)


It is the thinning of the intervertebral disc, which loses its ability to cushion the impact on the spine. It differs from a hernia because it involves protrusion of the contents, not its wear and tear.

Other uncommon causes

Head and neck cancer, infections or carotid artery dissection can also cause upper back and neck pain. These are uncommon causes, but they can be treated early if you go for a medical check-up after experiencing any symptoms.

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