Back pain: 5 causes that are not a herniated disc

Centro de la columna Vertebral: July 12, 2018

Dolor de espalda: 5 causas que no son hernia de disco

Back pain: 5 causes that are not a herniated disc

Back pain is not only caused by a herniated disc. There are other conditions that can affect your back. Because the symptoms can be confused or very similar, we recommend that you see a specialist if you have pain in any part of your back.

Back strain

A muscle strain is the inflammation or rupture of the ligaments and tissues present in the lower back. These are connected to the spine, so they can cause a lot of pain in the area. The distension can be caused by blows, lack of warm-up when exercising or injuries.


The sciatic nerve begins in one of the vertebrae of the lower back (L3 to be exact) and continues towards the back of the legs. When it is pressed by accidents, blows or injuries it produces a radiating pain that can affect the leg, gluteus and back.


Dyscarthrosis is a degenerative disease that affects the invertebral discs of the spine. It causes pain and loss of mobility that is more severe in the morning. You may also experience some stiffness and difficulty walking.


Similar to a muscle strain, a contracture can occur from injuries, blows or lack of warm-up before exercise. However, in this case it is a muscle that stays in one position and does not return to the one it should have after a movement.

Differences between a contracture and a disc herniated disc

As you can see these causes of back pain are not herniated discs but have very similar symptoms. In the case of discarthrosis, it even affects the same part of the body, but in a different way. A herniation is a portion of the disc that slips out of place, while other causes of back pain involve more of the muscles, tendons, and tissues around the spine.

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