How does back pain affects companies?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: April 2, 2019

como afecta dolor de espalda empresas

How does back pain affects companies?

Back pain can affect all companies. Mobility-related ailments such as this one are the main cause of absenteeism.

Work accidents , especially among jobs that imply some form of physical activity, and can be a direct cause of back pain.

This could represent a burden for companies, whether it is through absenteeism or through healthcare-related costs. Up to 90% of these costs can be linked to temporary disabilities.

Types of pain

Lumbago or low back pain is the most common one among people younger than 45.

Arms, hands, or wrist pain are also very common problems for many companies, especially for those relying on clerical work. This type of ailments can also be linked to backbone problems.

Risk factors:

  • Constant kneeling or crouching.
  • Carrying or moving heavy objects.
  • Being exposed to vibration (construction).
  • Standing for a long time.
  • Being static for a long time.
  • Bad posture and constant use of keyboard and mouse.


In order to prevent back pain from turning into a burden for a company , it is necessary to encourage certain prevention culture:

  • Taking into account health risks and security at people’s jobs.
  • Encouraging healthy and safe work environments according to people’s physical, mental and emotional capacities.
  • Providing decent medical care and rehabilitation for diseases and harms caused by work.
  • Taking the right measures to ensure employees’ health.

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