Common causes of hip pain

Centro de la columna Vertebral: January 29, 2019

causas comunes del dolor de cadera

Common causes of hip pain

Common causes of hip pain are treatable. These are usually related to the age of the person suffering from it. Remember to see a specialist if you suffer from persistent hip pain or when doing certain activities.

The hip

In the hip there is a joint that allows us to walk: it is formed between the acetabulum and the femoral head. As in the knee or shoulders, the connection between these bones has a cartilage that covers and protects them. Most hip problems are caused by damage to this cartilage.

Common causes of hip pain

In children

dysplasia is a congenital malformation that affects the coxofemoral joint. It is not very common, but can cause long-term limping, which occurs if the baby has difficulty moving his legs or his or her legs are asymmetrical.

In youth and adults

Hip pain near the groin may be related to infections or stress fractures (common among people who play sports such as martial arts or ballet). If the pain is around the hip, it may be caused by a muscle.

In older people

Cartilage wear and tear and diseases such as arthritis can begin in middle age, although they become more acute in older people (over 60 years old). These conditions cause the hip bones to have abnormal friction that produces chronic pain.

Diagnosis and treatment

A physician's physical examination is essential to determine the origin and nature of the pain. In the clinical interview, the specialist will ask about your family history, habits, postures and other data that may be relevant to the diagnosis. The conservative-pharmacological treatment can alleviate most hip problems; only in a small percentage of cases requires a total hip replacement.

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