Disadvantages of home remedies for back pain

Centro de la columna Vertebral: June 18th, 2019

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Disadvantages of home remedies for back pain

There are several disadvantages of home remedies for back pain. Not all the measures that you can take on your own are bad, but it is always important to have the supervision of health professionals. Chronic back pain is a serious health problem that should be treated by doctors.

Having said that, know some disadvantages of home remedies for back pain

Walking without shoes

Some sites recommend walking without shoes to prevent back pain. This tendency even has a name: earthing (or grounding). Even if walking and exercising is generally something positive for your back, there is not medical-scientific basis for assuming that mere exposure to the ground will relieve persistent pain.

Consuming some substances

One of the most delicate disadvantages of home remedies for back pain is the consumption of some non-controlled substances. Several forums, sites and users of the Internet recommend a wide variety of plans and remedies (without medical-scientific basis) which supposedly help back pain.

From aloe to horse chestnut and even turmeric, there are many “recipes” for preparing infusions and even natural capsules. Remember that even though some plants can have anti-inflammatory properties, they can generate a toxic effect in your body. Besides they will never be a permanent solution to a health problem. Remember that each organism can react differently to substances and their effect can be fatal.

Massages without professional supervision

Massages are important for the management and relief of back pain. However, there are different nerves, muscles and tissues are sensitive to pressure. Simple massages can help momentarily with occasional pain. Complex manipulation of the back or limbs, especially when chronic pain is involved, it should be done by a professional of physical therapy. Otherwise, you may risk further injury or worsening of your condition.

Seek medical advice at Centro de la Columna Vertebral

Back pain can have different causes: injuries, illnesses and even genetic conditions. Visit medical professionals who can guide you in your recovery process and give you the best recommendations for successful treatment. Avoid resorting unauthorized sources or home remedies that may put your health at risk.

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“The information provided in this blog is of an informative nature; it seeks to promote good health habits in the population and by no means replace medical consultation. Content reviewed and corrected by Dr. Armando Acevedo Méndez, orthopedics and traumatology specialist. Professional license 602691.”

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