Can a herniated disc heal without surgery?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: June 14, 2018

¿Se puede curar la hernia de disco sin cirugía?

Can a herniated disc heal without surgery?

It is possible to cure a herniated disc without surgery Take this information into account if you are looking for alternative medical treatments to conventional surgery, which has many risks and not always the expected effects.

Herniated Disc Surgery

Herniated Disc Surgery (also called discectomy) can be total or partial. In other words, it may require a partial removal of the damaged disc or a complete replacement with a joint prosthesis. In either case, it is a risky surgery, due to the amount of nerves around the spine and how delicate this area of the body is.


  • • Spinal nerves can be damaged.
  • • Not always a complete solution.
  • • Sometimes requires a second or third intervention to be effective.
  • • Presents all the risks of major surgery in terms of anesthesia.

How to cure a herniated disc without surgery

Fortunately, there are currently non-surgical treatments for herniated discs. For example, the Ovando-Sanders consist of the application of medicines, physical therapy and ozone therapy. The medications are injected directly into the spine in a safe manner and have the purpose of deflating the intervertebral discs.

Subsequently, ozone therapy is used to increase the oxygenation of the tissues and, finally, physical therapy aims to correct postures, habits and strengthen the muscles that support the back to provide a complete solution.

It is a comprehensive treatment with guaranteed results

In which cases can it be used?

Virtually anyone suffering from a herniated disc is a candidate for this treatment, especially if other treatments have failed. Older people can benefit from this treatment, since they are not exposed to the risks of conventional surgery and can regain their quality of life.

Unique treatment at the Centro de la Columna Vertebral

At the Centro de la Columna Vertebral we have 20 years of experience in healing herniated discs without surgery. We have the Ovando-Sanders minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment with a verifiable recovery rate. We can help you fix your herniated disc.

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