How can sciatica be healed?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: October 22, 2019

como se cura la ciatica

How can sciatica be healed?

If you already suffer from pain in the lower back, hip and leg and you are wondering how sciatica is cured you should know that this cannot be treated with medication alone. However, do not be discouraged; with proper treatment you can be completely healed.

You need to see a doctor, especially if the pain is severe. Suffering from sciatic nerve pain is disabling even for the simplest daily tasks, but it is essential to stay active.

Exercises for "sciatica" are intended to maintain strength and reduce nerve compression. In this way, pain levels will decrease.

The exercise program depends on the cause of the pain, as it is not the same if the pain is due to a herniated disc, repetitive injuries or an infection in the spine.

Sometimes the compression of the nerve also improves with rehabilitation exercises that give elasticity to a tissue that has almost none.

Anatomy of the sciatic nerve

Sciatic nerve pain is characterized by a chronic type of pain that runs from the lower back, hip and leg and is caused by nerve irritation coming from the spine.

This nerve is the largest in the body and controls the muscles in the leg.

It is a combination of five pairs of roots in the lumbar spine and when any of these nerves is compressed or contracted it produces pressure along the nerve which causes pain, weakness and numbness.

Cramps or spasms from the hip running down the leg are also a common symptom.

3-phase treatment

Our comprehensive treatment for pain caused by sciatica consists of special medications, physical therapy and rehabilitation, as well as nutritional control, since the loss of body weight is essential for long-term improvement.

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