How does “sciatica” affect the back?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: July 30th, 2019

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How does “sciatica” affect the back?

We commonly call “sciatica” an ailment that causes pain from buttock to the leg.. This is due to compression of the sciatic nerve and in this post we are going to tell you a little more about how it affects the back.

The sciatic nerve

“Sciatica” is how we name the compression of the sciatic nerve, which passes through approximately the half of the buttock. It should be noted that this nerve is actually a set of nerve roots that have their origin in the spinal column. Its main characteristic is that it only appears on one side, originating in the buttock or lower back and it can be felt all the way down the leg. Normally, this pain can have various causes such as:

  • • Overweight.
  • • Weakness in the tissues than support the column.
  • • Injuries or blows to the back.

How does sciatica affect the back?

The main symptom is the above-mentioned pain that can be felt indirectly from the buttock to the back of the leg. Besides the pain, this can cause weakness in the leg: when sitting, standing or walking. Over time, if the underlying cause is not addressed, partial mobility, may be lost. Therefore it requires medical attentions as soon as possible to avoid further damage and pain.


The diagnosis of the sciatica has at least to elements: medical evaluation and medical imaging tests. During the medical interview, you will be asked about your family background, the origin of the pain and certain mechanical tests may be performed to verify the origin and nature of the pain. The aim of the medical imaging tests is to provide the doctor with precise data on the state of the internal components (vertebrae, tissues, discs, muscles, etc.) so that he can recommend the best possible course of treatment, or failing that, additional tests.

Treatment and prevention

Most cases of sciatica affecting the back respond well to conservative treatment, which may include: medication for pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation, as well as weight control to decrease the pressure on the column.

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