What is Spina Bifida?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: December 31, 2019

columna bifida

What is Spina Bifida?

Spina bifida is a congenital defect that causes a separation in any of the components of the spine (protective membranes, vertebrae or the spinal canal), hence the name, which comes from "bifurcation”.

Spina bifida

This condition is present from conception, due to a malformation in the neural tube, which will later form the spine. Most cases are detected at birth, especially severe cases, since the bifurcation of the spine forms a visible sac on the baby's back.

In rare cases, this condition may go undetected in a medical diagnosis and symptoms may develop in the patient’s adult life.


  • • Muscle imbalance
  • • Scoliosis and kyphosis.
  • • Malformations in the foot.
  • • Hip dysplasia.
  • • Higher risk of fractures.
  • • Chronic pain in neck, hip, back and lower extremities.

Diagnosis and treatment

As we mentioned above, most cases are detected from birth, so early pediatric care is important. On the other hand, several studies have shown that folic acid intake by pregnant women can prevent this and other birth problems.

In the case of children, adolescents or adults who develop these symptoms, various blood studies are necessary, as well as imaging studies (ultrasound, MRIs) to determine if this malformation is present.

Treatment options vary depending on age and grade or type of spina bifida:

In childhood: the condition is corrected with surgery
In adolescence or adulthood: patients may require bracing, physical therapy, pain management and other options to relieve and improve symptoms.

Care at the Centro de la Columna Vertebral

Most people with spina bifida can carry out their daily activities if they receive proper care. At the Centro de la Columna Vertebral, we provide comprehensive treatment for chronic back pain. Schedule an assessment appointment and receive professional medical care.

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