Clinic for Spine Pain Management

Centro de la columna Vertebral: January 15, 2019

clinica para el dolor de columna

Clinic for Spine Pain Management

The Centro de la Columna Vertebral is a clinic for spine pain management, specializing in conditions and diseases affecting the spine. Learn more about our services, which are provided by health professionals. If you have pain in your neck, middle or lower back; or if you have already received treatment that did not meet your expectations, contact your nearest clinic.

What conditions or diseases do we treat?

There is a wide variety of health problems that can affect the back or spine: both the muscular structure that supports it and the components of the spine itself (bones, nerves, etc.). For that reason, it is important that you receive a diagnosis before considering any treatment for back pain. Some of the conditions we treat incude:

  • • Herniated disc
  • • Narrow lumbar canal
  • • Espondilolistesis
  • • Ligament lesions in the spine
  • • General muscle weakness
  • • Lower back pain
  • • Sciatica
  • • Spinal arthritis

What does our treatment consist of?

The treatment you receive at the Centro de la Columna Vertebral is comprehensive and non-surgical. It consists of the application of intravenous medications, ozone therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation, as well as pain management techniques and nutritional support for weight control, which is essential for successful back treatment.

The formula ©Ovando Sanders is a pharmacological method supported by years of research, unique in its kind in Mexico.

Why go to a clinic for spine pain management?

Although a general practitioner can give you primary guidance about your back pain, it is advisable that you see a specialist. At our clinic for spine pain management, we have trained medical professionals with extensive experience in the management of back pain. If the back pain persists after an initial treatment or if you have already been diagnosed with one of the illnesses we treat, go to your nearest clinic to begin a non-surgical treatment.

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We have clinics in Guadalajara, Monterrey, Mixcoac (Mexico City), Satelite (State of Mexico) and soon in Queretaro. Call us to schedule an appointment on the first day and time available.

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