What is cervicalgia and what is its treatment?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: August 17, 2018

¿Qué es la cervicalgia y cuál es su tratamiento?

What is cervicalgia and what is its treatment?

Cervicalgia is pain in the neck area, originating in the first 7 vertebrae of the spine from the skull down.Its most common causes are overexertion or the famous "whiplash" (produced in an accident for example), although it can also be caused by diseases.

Most Common Causes of Cervicalgia

< The cervical section of the spine(also known as the cervical spine), contains vertebrae or sections of bone cushioned by cartilage tissue called the intervertebral "discs". After thousands of movements of the neck over the course of a lifetime, it is normal for some wear and tear to occur in the discs, resulting in pain, stiffness and some immobility in the neck.

On the other hand, these symptoms can also be experienced after an accident, when the weight load on the neck's cervical changes drastically, which can damage the discs, the muscles that surround the neck and/or the nerves in the area. All of this can lead to an acute case of cervicalgia.

Some of the diseases that can cause this wear on the discs include:

  • • Arthritis.
  • • Cervical Stenosis.

A herniated cervical disc is another cause of this condition.

Importance of weight control in back treatment

As part of any back treatment, the specialized doctor will recommend weight loss if it can affect the biomechanics of the spine. The aim is to reduce or eliminate the pressure exerted on nerves, discs and other components of the spine.

Moreover, weight control is critical to regaining proper posture and avoiding long-term problems, as well as to achieving a successful recovery.


The diagnosis of cervicalgia is made through clinical interviews, mobility tests and imaging studies. It may also require an advanced study of the nerve response(electromyography), although only in cases where the specialist's diagnosis is not conclusive.

Treatment for Cervical Pain

The treatment for cervicalgia consists of relieving the symptoms, repairing the tissue damage that causes these symptoms and regaining strength in the neck-shoulder area. Physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications are the most effective conservative treatment.

However, when pain and other symptoms do not allow the patient to perform daily functions, a surgical procedure or a minimally invasive procedure may be required.

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At the Spine Center, we have a comprehensive treatment based on physical therapy, ozone therapy and application of medication to the damaged discs. In this way, the risks of traditional cervicalgia surgery can be avoided, and proven results can be obtained.

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