Back Pain Causes during Pregnancy

Centro de la Columna Vertebral: May, 28, 2019

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Back Pain Causes during Pregnancy

These are some of the causes of back pain during pregnancy, which is one of the most common complications that can be experienced. Back pain during pregnancy can be caused by different ailments, it is more common than we can think of, and it does not only affects women, but the fetus as well.

Back pain effects

Let’s start by defining pain as a sensible and emotional experience linked to a damaged tissue. More than two thirds of pregnant women experience lumbago, or low back pain. It is worth mentioning that this pain increases gradually along the pregnancy and that it can affect daily activities.

Back Pain Causes during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, important changes take place in the mother’s muscles and bones. These changes produce pain in the low back, which is affected by a newly adopted posture pattern that derives mainly from the extra weight women have to carry during pregnancy. The fact that this weight is located in the abdomen prevents women’s natural movements; this causes bad posture habits that can damage the intervertebral discs.

Most common symptoms

  • • - A more pronounced back curvature (kyphosis).
  • A more pronounces neck curvature (cervical lordosis).
  • Round shoulders (forward shoulder posture).
  • Changes in bones and pelvic muscles position; for example, an anterior pelvis tilt or an opening of the hip joint.

Back pain during pregnancy treatment

Up to 67% of pregnant women suffer from lumbar pain at night during the second half of pregnancy. However, a pharmacological treatment represents a risk for the fetus and experts would rather recommend a multidisciplinary treatment for back pain, including physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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