Non-surgical treatment for narrow lumbar canal

Centro de la columna Vertebral: January 22, 2019

tratamiento canal lumbar estrecho

Non-surgical treatment for narrow lumbar canal

Currently, it is considered that the best treatment for narrow lumbar canal is not surgery, but other types of measures, as over 30% of the cases present complications and recidivism. Learn more about the treatment options for this condition.

Narrow lumbar canal

Narrow lumbar canal or lumbar canal stenosis is a condition which, as its name suggests, manifests a shortening or narrowing of the canal where the spinal cord travels, as well as roots, meninges, arteries and veins. This can generate compression, which produces symptoms such as:

  • • Chronic back pain (lower back).
  • • Progressive failure in walking ability.
  • • Difficulty in keeping the body upright.
  • • Bladder disorders (such as incontinence).

Furthermore, this condition may be related to other problems such as: hypertrophy of yellow ligaments, disc herniation, formation of osteophytes or degenerative spondylolisthesis, so you should receive a proper diagnosis in the condition’s early stages to address the underlying cause.

Narrow lumbar canal treatment

As we mentioned above, there are cases in which surgery is used to release or stabilize the lumbar canal. However, it involves too many risks and often does not offer a permanent solution to the symptoms. This can even lead to injury to other nerves, due to the delicate nature of this part of the body, so it would be counterproductive.

Most patients respond positively to conservative-pharmacological treatment. . It involves physical therapy, rehabilitation and the application of special medication on the back. Moreover, you should consider addressing the underlying causes that we already mentioned, if they exist; weight control is also important during this treatment. The objectives include:

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