How do you know if you suffer from degenerative osteoarthritis?

Centro de la Columna Vertebral: December 06, 2018

artrosis degenerativa

How do you know if you suffer from degenerative osteoarthritis?

There are several symptoms that you may experience if you suffer from degenerative osteoarthritis.. This disease can affect the cartilage of all the joints in the body. The cartilage provides support and protection against impact, if it suffers wear and tear, this cushioning protection decreases, causing various symptoms. Listen to your body and see a specialist if you think you may suffer from osteoarthritis.

Degenerative osteoarthritis

Because cartilage is a tissue that does not contain blood vessels, its ability to regenerate decreases with age and due to some risk factors such as obesity. This thinning of the cartilage causes the bones to begin to rub against each other, something they are not designed to do.

Affected joints

Themost common type of osteoarthritis affects the knees and cervical spine (neck). The most common osteoarthritis affects knees and the cervical spine (neck). However, it can occur in other joints: hips, elbows, wrists, shoulders, etc. Having pain in some of these joints does not necessarily imply osteoarthritis, nor that it occurs in all of them at the same time, but it can be an indication.

Symptoms and causes

The internal causes of osteoarthritis include: age (over 45 years), sex (higher prevalence in women), and genetic background. On the other hand, environmental or external factors include: obesity, smoking, untreated joint injuries, contact sports, unprotected physical activity and menopause.

As the joints bear more work and load over time, their cartilage begins to wear away, causing pain, swelling, clicks when moving the joint, among others.

Diagnosis and treatment

In addition to the clinical interview, imaging studies are recommended to check the condition of the cartilage and the rest of the joint. Blood or laboratory studies may also be required to check the concentration of chondrocytes in the cartilage (cells that maintain cartilage).

Visit the CCV to receive medical advice

Pay attention to the symptoms: if you experience chronic pain or inflammation in your joints, you may be suffering from degenerative osteoarthritis. Don't leave these signs unattended, since treating this disease in its early stages is essential to slow down its progression and avoid further complications that could put your mobility at risk.

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