¿What is bulging disc?

Centro de la columna Vertebral: 28 January, 2020

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What is bulging disc?

Bulging disc is not the same as a herniated disc, although it has many similarities. This time we will tell you more about this condition that affects the intervertebral discs and can cause chronic back pain, especially in older people.

Bulging disc

A bulging disc o disc protrusion, as it is also known, appears when the outer part of the intervertebral disc protrudes from its circumference, causing pain due to the pressure applied to the nerve roots it contains. It’s different from the herniated disc because in the latter it is the content of the nucleus that protrudes, not only the external part of it.

Diagnosis and symptoms

The symptoms caused by bulging disc are very similar to those of a herniated disc: chronic pain (lasting several weeks) and sometimes numbness in the limbs (arms and legs). However, the bulging may be asymptomatic, which makes it much more difficult to diagnose; if it does not receive proper attention it may worsen: into a complete hernia or into permanent damage to the nerves contained in the spine.

The most effective way to diagnose this condition is through an MRI and a medical consultation to explore the affected region. Furthermore, it is possible to prevent the appearance of bulging disc by performing preventive health checkups, especially if there is a family history of disc herniation or other conditions in the spine.

Treatment and expectation

Conservative treatment is effective in relieving the symptoms of bulging disc without the need for surgery. Pain relief medication, physical therapy and weight control are usually used to design a personalized treatment program. This treatment modality is prescribed to all patients with disc pathology; at least a third of the patients improve after 2 weeks of treatment and over 90% after 4-6 weeks.

Attention at the Centro de la columna Vertebral

At the Centro de la Columna Vertebral we have a non-surgical, effective and clinically-proven treatment for conditions such as disc bulging and herniated discs.

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