"Our treatment is based on scientific and medical evidence. For that reason, all our patients must have an MRI as a preliminary diagnosis.
In that way, it is possible to see the progress of their condition."



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Armando Mendoza Pineda, 68 years old

Disc protrusion L5-S1.
Asymmetric disc extrusion L4-L5
Lumbar lordosis rectification
Lumbar scoliosis
Multifactorial narrow lumbar canal L4-L5 and L5-S1

Bernardino Franco

Bernardino Franco had had 3 herniated discs for five years due to his profession as a carpenter. The only alternative for doctors was surgery, until he learned about the Ovando Sanders Treatment, this is his story …

Laura Elena González

Laura Elena suffered from a herniated disc and had to quit her job because of her condition. She underwent Ovando Sanders Treatment and told us about her excellent experience.

Nelson Galán

Mr. Nelson Galán practiced hike and due to an injury sought help with specialists. His only alternative was surgery; however, he found the Ovando Sanders Treatment and is in the process of recovery with excellent results.

Karina Robles

A young patient with two dorsal hernias for two years had to quit her job because of complications with her condition, get to know the positive turn that the Ovando Sanders Treatment has given to her life.

Alicia González

For a year and a half Norma Alicia suffered from 4 herniated discs that made her life impossible, she underwent Ovando Sanders Treatment and this is her testimony.

Delia Ruiz Juárez

The patient Delia Ruiz Juárez had very intense sciatic nerve pain that ran from her hip to her leg and forced her to use a cane. MRI revealed that she had 4 herniated discs. After going to our clinic in the State of Mexico (Satellite), she decided to start her personalized treatment; she is walking by herself now.